Hello. My name is Camy, and welcome to my site at The Authors Haunt.
Not that it makes the slightest difference to the stories I've written, but some people like to know about the author.... I can't tell you what makes me tick, as I haven't worked it out yet, but I can tell you I live in the UK, and am thus, vaguely English. Consequently, those of you who live on the other side of the pond might think my spelling is odd. It's not. Everyone knows colour is spelt colour, not color ... and as for the pronunciation of Tomatoes!
I started writing in the spring of 2006. I'd stumbled (as you do on the www) upon a site called Gay Authors who were running an anthology. I'd always wanted to write fiction, so I fired up the computer, wrote a story and sent it in. The anthology editor, sent me an email with a few suggestions ... I re-wrote, and re-wrote; during which the story went from some 1,800 words on first submission, to nearly 7,000 on completion, and got the title 'JJ and the Boys'.
The most important thing for any writer - and make no mistake, I waffle not - is an editor. A good editor is absolutely essential; and having one who is also a great friend is sweetness and light.
That's quite enough about me! Go and read some stories or poems, and don't forget to comment on them in my forum: there's a link at the end of each tale.


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