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Below are links to a few web sites.  They have been split into three sections. The first is a list of sites I am involved with, the second a list of sites I like, and the third: some of my favourite authors - in no particular order!  Please be aware that these are my personal recommendations and should in no way be seen as being officially endorsed by anyone else.



My Sites



My Forum

My Forum at The Authors Haunt where readers can comment on my stories. Occasional sneak peaks too.

My Blog

Waffle from the depths of my head. Yep! It's all in my blog at The Authors Haunt.  You must be a forum member and logged in to read this.

Camy's Gaff

This is my Awesome Dude site - the first place I was hosted on the net.



My Recommended Sites


Awesome Dude

A stellar gay fiction story site, with audio fiction and poetry too.

Codey's World

Run by Tim and Blue. They have a great attitude, and some wonderful fiction too.

Darker Projects

Audio drama at its very best! Mainly Science Fiction, and Suspense. If you want to get involved you can. They have produced Christopher Patrick Lydon's 'The Falcon Banner', and are in the midst of making 'The Sword of Windsor.' Excellent!


A loop making and mixing collective. It's free to start making music, and lots and lots of fun! Have a go.


Some of my Favourite Authors!



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