Below is a list of my stories currently online at The Authors Haunt.  Please pay attention to the ratings and warning codes beneath each story, and please do not read them unless you are sure the story is appropriate for you. 

The stories are loosely listed by genre, though the latest one is always at the top. Nearly all of them are stand alone, except for 'Feredir', which is a sequel to 'Nyquist' (though you don't have to read 'Nyquist' first), and 'The Millrace' which includes a character from 'JJ and The Boys'.

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Algy's Dream

Algy Catvern thought writing lines in detention was a complete waste of time. After all, who really cared if 'The Beatles Receiver Will Receive Receipts'?

Rom Comp C S


All Sorts

Happiness is often relative, and there are all sorts of happiness too!

Rom Comp C S


Family Ties

Simply put, some people are not what they seem to be.

Written for the Author's Haunt 'Mountain' Anthology.

Horror Comp D D S V


Sansho Shima NaNoWriMo

A stream of consciousness during a day in November 2008.

Light Comp S


The First Day.

At twelve or thirteen you get to go to 'proper school'. Neil wanted to stay at home, but fate had other plans.

Light Comp S


Ravelled Lives.

Valerie is enamoured of Reginald's Roger, whilst Guillermo and Kyle have secrets. On the day of Valerie's Christmas shopping expedition there's distinct 'trouble at mill'.

Light Comp C S



During research for a script he is writing Neil meets Matt, a teenager living on the streets. Strangers at first, they discover they have more in common than they could possibly have imagined. They share a dark secret and together, plan revenge.

Dark Comp D D R S V


There be Dragons.

Sebastian is secretly in love with his best friend Richard, though he's hung up about his sexuality and knows Richard likes girls. Now he's convinced that his mother knows he's gay, and he's unsure how to get Equella out of his cave.

Rom Comp S



A weird present and a keyboard player who's a pain, all add up to make Neil's introduction to Mike quite an interesting time.

Rom Comp S



A perfect night looks like being spoilt ... or is Algy worrying needlessly?

Rom Comp C S


Dearly Beloved.

A tale of six characters at a English boarding school. Some are in love, and some aren't. One is a prefect and one; an utter bastard.

Rom Comp C S



Supermarkets are stressful: even more so when you find your lover standing by your car, and your wife and son right behind you with the shopping. Perspective gives three points of view of the same situation.

Light Comp C S



Kip is eighteen, straight, and likes working backstage in the theatre. Then he gets to know Myers, and his life changes.

Rom Comp C A S V


Bath Time.

A difficult Prefect and a stupid rule, make Algy's life awkward. And to cap it all, he agrees to do a favour for his Housemaster.

Rom Comp C S


Fellow Travellers.

Cat's back for the holidays. Raging with hormones and in love with his best friend he decides drinking his parents gin might be a laugh. Then he meets Will, a fellow traveller, and learns a few truths.

Rom Comp C S



Like many people, Mark has a fantasy lover, but the fantasy takes a dark turn that ends late one night in a fatal decision...

Written for The Hub's 'Voyeur' Anthology.

Dark Comp D D



Amidst a world lost to hatred and killing, schoolmates and best friends Clive and Henry must make a decision that will determine the course of their lives. What will they choose?

Written for The Hub's 'Fear' Anthology.

Horror Comp M B D G V


The Car Wouldn't Start.

On the day of the thunderstorm Chris realises he can't shut out his feelings any longer ... and he's late for work, too!

Rom Comp C S



When his mother picks up his journal: 'The Unrequited Love of Daniel Norfolk', Daniel decides its time to find the courage to tell Lucas. But life is just 'one strange ball of oddness', as he soon finds out.

Rom Comp C



When Jonathan Sharp meets Jaques Lavalier he has no idea who his friend really is: but then he has no idea who he really is either.

Fant Comp C B S V



You find all sorts at boarding school, but when Frazer meets Nyquist on the first night back from holiday, his world is changed forever - in more ways than one.

Fant Comp C S


Beethee Comes To Town.

Hoppy falls in love with Beethee, an Imp, in this sweet otherworldly Halloween tale.

Fant Comp S




A Master Vampire and his familiar - but who is who? Then Bob arrives, and Niki has to make some swift decisions to stop his beloved looking like an idiot.

Fant Comp S B V


JJ and 'The Boys'.

John Palmer is in love, but only comes to terms with it when JJ goes missing...

Rom Comp C B V


The Millrace.

Sid is obsessed with Jack, but Jack wants nothing to do with him because he likes Davey. When disaster strikes Sid sees a way to get rid of Davey forever...

Action Comp C B S V


Robert's Day.

Robert decides he's had enough, then Eddie finds out ... but can true love save the day?

Dark Comp D B D


What Do You Think?

Jame has something important to tell Marki, but he has no idea where to start, especially when he sees what his friend wants him to wear to the party.

Rom Comp C S


The Card.

When Christopher Smythe gets a Valentine card his world is turned upside down - until he can fathom out who sent it to him ... and then!

Rom Comp S



There is a very fine line between ending and beginning, as well as an inevitability.

Light Comp S


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